Wakatu House

  • Wakatu House

Montgomery Car Park, Nelson

Matz Architect Ltd

Wakatu Corporation

Infusing the vision of Wakatu into a new building was the main focus within the design: a vision that respects traditional values and beliefs (tikanga) and also embraces future progress and innovation. (Mahi Hou)

The construction of the new four storey building started on a 20×20 vacant site and required screw piles prior to substantial foundation which supports a precast panel structure tied together using precast beams and columns.

The exterior cladding consists of a combination of enterpan panel, metallic composite aluminium panels, Nulook window and lourve system to assist a mechanical ventilation system in keeping the building cool during the summer and being adjusted to let the Nelson sun warm the building in the winter. Energy efficient lighting and the installation of a fibre optic cable helps to future proof the building.