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Quality Assurance

Our quality policy; quality.policy.statement.pdf
Our environmental policy: environmental.policy.statement.pdf

At IMB Construction Ltd we are committed to quality control and assurance in both commercial and residential contracts. Quality assurance begins with a quality design, pre planning between quantity surveyor, project manager and foreman, followed up with regular on site management, involving builders, clients and subcontractors, final sign off and managed maintenance periods.

All jobs are discussed prior to commencement with the project manager, quantity surveyor and site foreman. Programmes of work, site conditions and availability of sub-trades, materials and timeframes are all looked at before work commences.

Regular site meetings are held and documented. Progress reports are contained with the site meetings, detailing programme status, variations to contract, possible bottle necks, and required actions and report back. All issues are recorded, agreed solutions proposed and outcomes noted.

Building codes, recognized best practices methods, manufacturers specifications and engineering designs are the basis to measuring quality and in the case of unique issues, discussion with professionals, territory authorities, client and builder are essential for a successful outcome.

Prior to completion an independent or nominated professional completes a maintenance checklist for all trades. This checklist becomes the basis for sub trades and IMB Construction Ltd to ensure 100% completion and quality assurance. One of the ways IMB Construction Ltd shares on site knowledge with all staff is to publish a regular monthly newsletter; this communicates and updates our staff. In many cases staff could work on one site all year and this allows them to share in the successes and issues other colleagues face.

Occupational Health & Safety

Our Health and Safety Police; Health Policy Statement

The team at IMB Construction Ltd has a robust health and safety policy and procedures. Our H&S committee of staff and management meet three monthly and review progress of our action plan. All large sites have monthly meetings specific to their site. We are audited six monthly by an independent qualified professional.

Our 2003 aim was to gain ACC accreditation for Workplace Safety Management Practices, we achieved this and believe we were the first building firm to gain the Tertiary level on their first application.

Our Project Manager has gained the National Certificate for Health and Safety and Injury Prevention from the BCITO.

We are very proud of our systems and believe we have trained our employees and provided them with the information needed to ensure our goals and policies are achieved.

Time Performance

IMB Construction Ltd’s commitment to high standards in the programming and co-ordination of our construction activities is integral, in ensuring the successful and on-schedule completion of our contracts.

Claims Performance

IMB Construction Ltd has not claimed under the Registered Master Builders guarantee on any jobs.